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Publishing TWO magazines??!!!

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“What a GREAT idea,” we thought, “No problem pulling together a brand new magazine and have it printed at the very same time as our Winter issue of Primitive Quilts and Projects!” HA!   And, it really wasn’t too big of a problem until this week (9/12) when ALL the files need finished, ALL the print orders need calculated and turned in, and ALL the publicity ads need designed.  No problem at all!

But, I’m happy to report that I think we actually did it.  Both magazines will be printed back to back at our wonderful printer, Fry Communications, at the end of this month.  Both magazines will be shipped to retail/newsstand sites across the country (and beyond) on October 4.  And, both will ship to consumers and quilt shops as soon as possible around the 7th of October! 

I quickly pulled together our new website, but we will spend more time on its design and add more content very soon – we just needed it to be up and running FAST!

We hope you love all the beautiful quilts in this first issue of Quilts We Love!  When you receive your copy, come back to our website and spend a few minutes to give us feedback in our brief survey.  You will help us decided if we should keep up the madness of publishing TWO magazines!

Thank you so much for visiting, and keep watching for updates here at www.quiltswelove.com.

Gretchen Smith


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